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The internet is fast becoming the most important source of news and information, as more and more news content is being published online. What we read in print, view on television or hear on the radio has increasingly already been published on the web. A recent NLA (Newspaper Licensing Agency) report stated that online versions of newspapers tend to have 70% more content than their printed press equivalent.

The sheer size and scale of the internet means that, although many companies realise that monitoring what is being said about their brand online is of crucial importance to their success, knowing how to find the information is another matter altogether.
Nimms Ltd will monitor over 100,000 online news producing sources and over 11 Billion social media sources for you. Nimms Ltd can locate, filter and provide this information to you in any format preference.
Nimms Ltd approach online media monitoring by separating ‘web based’ monitoring into two categories:

  1. Online ‘editorial’ coverage
  2. Social Media mentions

Therefore, with regards to online monitoring, there are two clearly defined and separate service types.



Online Editorial Coverage

To capture online editorial coverage Nimms Ltd uses advanced methods for extracting and classifying contents from web pages. These are based on visual information and automatic learning.

The end result for you will be a simple ‘link’ or list of ‘links’ uploaded within the ‘web harvesting’ section of your media portal. Nominated staff can view the list of links upon log in to the portal and simply click on any link and view the captured coverage.


What are the benefits of choosing Nimms Ltd for Media Intelligence Solutions?

1. A professional media intelligence team proactively working as an extension of your office 2. Peace of mind knowing that if it’s in the media we will find it – cheaper than any in-house approach 3. Top quality digital representation of your media coverage 4. Complimentary email ‘alerts’ advising you when and where coverage has been captured 5. A dedicated online ‘media portal’ to house and view your media coverage 6. Access to various functions and tools to help you report quickly on your media coverage 7. Advisory support to know what to do next with your media coverage e.g. media evaluation 8. Knowledge on how your brand is performing and how your competition is performing. 9. 24/7 support from all our staff 10. Time – the most important benefit of them all!

Added Value...

As a full-service media monitoring company Nimms Ltd provides all of the technical advantages provided by a larger company with all of the advantages of dealing with a smaller local company. When you engage Nimms Ltd you get a personal service and more value for money. We are local, ready and willing to help your brand monitor media sources and report on any activity. Our job is to make yours easier.

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