Social Media Monitoring

Our social media monitoring methodology utilises the most up to date social monitoring software available. The web crawling approach is very similar to the online editorial method outlined above but with pre-defined and filtered directions to only search web content from platforms that are labelled as social media publications and platforms. Nimms Ltd will use this approach in combination with a human review process to:

  1. Measure the volume of conversations. Track trends and share of voice, make better business decisions faster.
  2. Understand sentiment. Determine whether you are receiving positive, negative or neutral commentary from bloggers, investors, customers and prospects.
  3. Identify reach. Track the reach, influence and engagement of your social media communications.
  4. Identify risks early. Control crisis management and brand reputation.
  5. Optimise campaigns. Measure the success of online and offline campaigns, plus help create new propositions.

You can choose from various formats from which to receive social media mentions. Options include a daily ‘buzz’ alert via email or RSS feed with links to the individual social media mentions as they happen or tailored reports which will manage all this information in a layout which best suits your needs.



What are the benefits of choosing Nimms Ltd for Media Intelligence Solutions?

1. A professional media intelligence team proactively working as an extension of your office 2. Peace of mind knowing that if it’s in the media we will find it – cheaper than any in-house approach 3. Top quality digital representation of your media coverage 4. Complimentary email ‘alerts’ advising you when and where coverage has been captured 5. A dedicated online ‘media portal’ to house and view your media coverage 6. Access to various functions and tools to help you report quickly on your media coverage 7. Advisory support to know what to do next with your media coverage e.g. media evaluation 8. Knowledge on how your brand is performing and how your competition is performing. 9. 24/7 support from all our staff 10. Time – the most important benefit of them all!

Added Value...

As a full-service media monitoring company Nimms Ltd provides all of the technical advantages provided by a larger company with all of the advantages of dealing with a smaller local company. When you engage Nimms Ltd you get a personal service and more value for money. We are local, ready and willing to help your brand monitor media sources and report on any activity. Our job is to make yours easier.

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