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We work as an extension of your team so you save time. We are trusted, respected and reliable.


Who are we?

We are Nimms Ltd and we have been providing media intelligence services locally and globally since November 1998..

Nimms Ltd was initially established to provide simple, fast and accurate Printed Press clippings, TV/Radio and Internet coverage to empower communication professionals; both in the tracking and reporting of media activity plus the planning of future activity. Over the years Nimms Ltd has gained an unparalleled reputation as a comprehensive provider of media evaluation and analysis services in Northern Ireland to many government, commercial, corporate, marketing, public relations and charitable organizations.


What do we do?

Our job is to make yours easier.

This includes helping local and global businesses, events and charities understand when, where, why and how their brand is portrayed in the media. We take the hassle out of chasing and capturing all those media mentions – we harness them and analyse them for our clients.


Why would I need a Media Intelligence Provider?

‘If you’re not measuring it, you’re not managing it’.

Those who engage our services immediately gain from the time saving benefits and ultimately grow their business. They track their own brand mentions, track competitor mentions, gain insight, take advantage of our online media reporting tools and build a complete picture that will influence crucial decisions. It’s all results oriented - and we can do the very same for you. We will have all your relevant media captured, collated and emailed to you before you reach your desk every morning – to include weekends. Media is 24/7 and so are we.

What are the benefits of choosing Nimms Ltd for Media Intelligence Solutions?

1. A professional media intelligence team proactively working as an extension of your office 2. Peace of mind knowing that if it’s in the media we will find it – cheaper than any in-house approach 3. Top quality digital representation of your media coverage 4. Complimentary email ‘alerts’ advising you when and where coverage has been captured 5. A dedicated online ‘media portal’ to house and view your media coverage 6. Access to various functions and tools to help you report quickly on your media coverage 7. Advisory support to know what to do next with your media coverage e.g. media evaluation 8. Knowledge on how your brand is performing and how your competition is performing. 9. 24/7 support from all our staff 10. Time – the most important benefit of them all!

Added Value...

As a full-service media monitoring company Nimms Ltd provides all of the technical advantages provided by a larger company with all of the advantages of dealing with a smaller local company. When you engage Nimms Ltd you get a personal service and more value for money. We are local, ready and willing to help your brand monitor media sources and report on any activity. Our job is to make yours easier.

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